At Mount Mary University, we are creating the next generation of strong and curious women. Women like Wanda, who took the Masters in School Counseling she earned at MMU and turned it into a bold career as a school counselor at a local Catholic school.

“Mount Mary helped me find my voice,” says Wanda. And now she’s using her voice to help the kids in her school find their voice. Wanda helped initiate a grant-funded trauma sensitive training program—conceived and spearheaded by two professors at MMU—and it’s making a daily difference, impacting the lives of countless kids.

“Most schools teach what to expect when you graduate. What Mount Mary taught me was to expect the unexpected.”

While Wanda may never have expected to make such a strong impact so early in her career, the professors who impacted her at Mount Mary never expected anything less. Her story exemplifies the possibilities that exist when you embrace what is most unique inside you and move forward with confidence.

Here’s to the bold.