fast Forward: take your next big step


What are the moments that shape who you are?


At Mount Mary, we honor the turning points that bring you here, where you will turn your passion into action.

Mount Mary can be that place for you to discover new things, learn about yourself and ultimately prepare you to make your mark in the world.


Through the intersections of art, faith, science, empathy and creativity, we create bold women who discover their calling.

Deep in me, there is an answer.
Deep in me, there is a cure.
Deep in me
I found a gentler self
that washed upon a shore.
-Saul Williams, poet, writer, actor, artist, musician

Life is full of big moments. Some are just happy memories, and others have the power to transform your future. At Mount Mary, we have inspired generations of BOLD women. And just like we did for every one of them, we will prepare you to make your mark. Boldly.

Here's to the moments that become movements.

Here's to the Bold